Sunday, December 2, 2007

I Love U Om

I Love You Om

Because of losing father’s figure and lack of attention from his mother, Dion (Rachel Amanda), 12 years old girl grow into an aggressive girl. Trying to search a father’s figure Dion falls in love with Gaza (Restu Sinaga), a 35 years old laundry man. Gaza doesn’t realize Dion’s love until his girlfriend, Nayla betrayed him. Left with a broken heart, Gaza starts to enjoy Dion’s attention. Slowly love begins to grow inside Gaza’s heart for Dion. But can they overcome the age differences between them?

Release Date : Sep 07, 2006
Director : Widy Wijaya
Writer : Aviv Elham
Staring : Rachel Amanda, Restu Sinaga, Karenina, Ira Wibowo, Desta
Studio : Gunja Film
Website :
Codec : H264/avi
Source : Vcd

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