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KMovie - BaBo (Miracle of Giving Fool DVDRip XviD-BiFOS)

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Miracle of Giving Fool
Aka: 바보, Babo
Year: 2008
Directed: Kim Jeong-Kwon
Genre: Romance
Runtime: 103 mins
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English/Korean
Cast: Cha Tae-Hyeon, Ha Ji-Won, Park Hee-Sun
Imdb: N/A

Synopsis / Plot / Review

Ji-ho is a promising pianist, studying and playing abroad for years. But one night she had a stage fright and never recovers. In despair, Ji-ho comes home and meets her old classmate Sung-ryong.

Once a very bright boy, Sung-ryong had an accident and now he is in late 20s with the mind of a six year old. He is very forgetful, but he has never forgotten his first love Ji-ho. Other half of Sung-ryong’s dumb mind is occupied with his only family – younger sister Jee-in. To take care of her, Sung-ryong sells toasts in front of Jee-in’s school. But Jee-in is embarrassed of her idiotic brother and ignores him.

And Sang-soo is Sung-ryong’s old friend who understands Sung-ryong’s innocent mind. But he inevitably falls to the world of gangsters. Ji-ho is still in her slump, Jee-in falls sick and Sang-soo gets involved in a bloody dispute. But all of their agonies are miraculously saved by Sung-ryong in a way nobody has forseen.

File Info
Group/Ripper: BiFOS
Video Codec …… XiVD 1.03@
Video Bitrate .. 1433kbps AVG
Audio ……….. AC3 448Kbps
Frame rate ……. 23.976 fps
Resolution …….. 640 x 35

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Anonymous said...

Good movie, but I don't like the ending :(

ncen's blog said...

me too :(

Dell said...

Hey, I need some help here. Cant get the english subtitles in the torrent file to work. Any other sites where i can download subtitles for this movie? It seems nice. Thanks in advance.