Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tsunami 2022 (Thai Movie) Dvdrip-MKV|300MB

Year Released: 2009
Duration: 89 Minutes

Main Cast
Toranong Srichua
Prinya Wongsilp
Chumporn Teppitak
Suchao PongwiLai
Pisarn Srimunkhong
PanuDet Wattanasuchat
Sirinya Jantzen

Synopsis: Thailand 2022. Signs of a terrible catastrophe are lurking. Prime Minister Tribhop cooperates with Doctor Siam setting the Asia-Pacific and India Ocean base alarm centre to monitor and predict earthquakes and Tsunami. Nevertheless, the biggest disaster is abruptly and unpredictably rising from the Thai Gulf and heading towards land, and nothing can stop it. All life is swept away in an enormous tidal wave, the land is destroyed, and the only way to survive now is to battle nature itself.

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