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Running Out of Time 2 (Hk Movie) 2001

RUNNING OUT OF TIME 2 is essentially a remake of the original, only this time Ekin Cheng steps into the role left by Andy Lau (whose character, supposedly, died at the end of the first). As Lau did, Cheng manuevers the same clever cop into his game. Also getting involved is Kelly Lin as a straight laced businesswoman whose important merger is threatened by the thief's games.



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Best of Times (2009) Thai Movie

Some people spend most of their lives trying to forget their first love, but some spend a lifetime reminiscing about their last love. Since men are not goldfish, they don’t easily forget their past loves, it’s just that sometimes it hurts too much to want to remember. Nevertheless, everlasting love is always worth fighting for. Best of Times, a romantic story involving two couples show how even the briefest of encounters with true love can leave you with the most memorable lifelong memories.

Release : Best of Times 2009 DVDRip XviD-GAYGAY
Director : Yongyoot Thongkongtoon
Genre : Drama | Romance
Runtime : 117 min
Cast : Arak Amornsupasiri, Yarinda Bunnark, Sansanee Wattanakul, Yarinda Bunnag, Krissana Sreadthatamrong, Sunsanee Wattananukul

Naked Weapon


Running Time:
90 minutes

Lead Cast:
Maggie Q, Anya, Daniel Wu, Jewel Lee, Pei-pei Cheng, Almen Wong, Pui-Ha, Andrew Lin, Mark Aldred

Director: Siu-Tung Ching
Producers:Jing Wong
Screenwriters:Jing Wong
Music:Kwong Wing Chan
Editor: Angie Lam
Cinematography: Sung Fai Choi
Location: Hong Kong

A crime organization recruits or kidnaps forty very young girls to train and develop them to become female assassins known as the China Dolls. Madame M (Almen Wong) in-charge of recruitment supervises the girls training in all aspects of making killing an art form, but also includes becoming a very desirable woman. It is Madame M's belief that men are weakest when they are the happiest, thus the girls are also trained to give sexual pleasure to their targets before killing them. In the group, two girls become very close friends, Charlene (Maggie Q), a sensitive, pretty, family-oriented girl and Katt (Anya) an equally pretty street urchin. After 6 years of training, the girls are subjected to the final test to determine who among them would be the next female assassin. The test requires that the girls fight each other to the death until only one survives, however, Madame M sees three girls worthy to become assassins, Charlene, Katt and Jing (Jewel Lee).

Naked Weapon | AVI | 1,16 Gb

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Grandma Gangsters(2010)[K-Movie]

Revolver Gangsters’ Gang” i s a remake of the German film “Now Or Never” (Jetzt Oder Nie – Zeit Ist Geld) directed by Lars Buchel.Three elderly widows r13; Jeong-ja (Nah Moon-hee), Yeong-heui (Kim Soo-mi) and Sin-ja (Kim Hye-ok) r13; have worked hard for the past eight years to save 8.37 million won r13; the exact cost of three VIP tour packages to Hawaii. They proudly head to the bank to wire the money, only to lose it to bank robbers. When the bank states that it reimburse the money, the trio seeks a bank robber Jun-seok (Im Chang-jeong) to master banditry. Will the grandmas, geared up with a real pistol and floral print masks, be able to make it to Hawaii?


Year: 2010
Directed: Kang Hyo-jin
Runtime: 1 hr 48 min
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English
Cast: Na Moon Hee, Kim Su Mi, Kim Hye Ok, Lim Chang Jung, Kim Kwang Kyu

Badmaash Company DVDRIP (2010)

Crime | Thriller









I Give My First Love to You

Boku no Hatsukoi, Kimi ni Sasugu, or I Give My First Love to You, is a manga turned film about two people named Takuma (Okada Masaki) and Mayu (Inoue Mao). They first meet at a hospital, where Takuma was staying at because of a heart condition. Mayu is the daughter of the cardiologist that treats him. During this time, they become closer and closer, and when they were 8, Takuma made a promise, that once they were 20, they would get married.

So, they became childhood sweethearts. But, during their high school years, Takuma starts distancing himself from Mayu, much to her dismay. He doesn’t want her to find out his secret, which was the fact that he didn’t know how long his heart would last after the age of 20.

But, what he doesn’t know is that she knows his secret as well.



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Som Tum (Thai Movie)

Language: Thai
Subtitle: English (Soft-subbed)
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Action / Comedy


Nathan Jones, plays Barney Emerald in Somtum. He’s a carefree guy, tricked by a pretty woman in Pattaya who later steals everything he owns, including his passport.

Barney heads to the tourist information center to ask for help but the place was already closed. There, he meets Katen (Narawat Techarattanaprasert), an orphan street hustler. Barney is soon confronted by a gang who often harasses Katen but instead of driving the bad guy away, Barney turns out to be a wimp and too scares to throw some punches. Katen’s friend Dokya (Sasisa Jindamanee), a Muay Thai fighter comes to the rescue.

After the incident, Barney stays in a Buddhist temple, where he’s given shelter. On a visit to Dokya’s mother’s somtum stall, Barney tries a taste of somtum, a traditional thai salad, out of curiosity. He feels like his mouth is burning and storms out to get some water. What he doesn’t know is that when he turns red from the heat of spice, he’s grained with a superpower.


part 01 :
part 02 :
part 03 :
part 04 :
part 05 :
part 06 :
part 07:
part 08 :
part 09 :
part 10 :
part 11 :
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part 13 :
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Sub :

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Dasepo Naughty Girls

Dasepo Naughty Girls is a 2006 South Korean musical comedy film. It is based on the popular webcomic Dasepo Girls by B-rate Dal-gung, which has also been adapted into a TV series.

* Kim Ok-bin ... Poor Girl
* Park Jin-woo ... Anthony
* Lee Kyeon ... Cyclops
* Eun-seong ... Two Eyes
* Kim Byeol ... Bellflower
* Lee Yong-joo
* Nam Oh-jeong ... Vice-President Girl
* Park Hye-won ... Class Monitor
* Lee Min-hyeok ... Anthony's friend (pompadour)
* Yoo Geon ... Anthony's friend (spiked hair)
* Yoo Joo-hee
* Im Ye-jin ... Poor Girl's mother
* Lee Won-jong ... Big Razor Sis
* Lee Jae-yong ... Teacher
* Moon Won-joo
* Kim Soo-mi
* Jo Jeong-rin

pqrt 1 :
part 2 :
part 3 :


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Tsunami 2022 (Thai Movie) Dvdrip-MKV|300MB

Year Released: 2009
Duration: 89 Minutes

Main Cast
Toranong Srichua
Prinya Wongsilp
Chumporn Teppitak
Suchao PongwiLai
Pisarn Srimunkhong
PanuDet Wattanasuchat
Sirinya Jantzen

Synopsis: Thailand 2022. Signs of a terrible catastrophe are lurking. Prime Minister Tribhop cooperates with Doctor Siam setting the Asia-Pacific and India Ocean base alarm centre to monitor and predict earthquakes and Tsunami. Nevertheless, the biggest disaster is abruptly and unpredictably rising from the Thai Gulf and heading towards land, and nothing can stop it. All life is swept away in an enormous tidal wave, the land is destroyed, and the only way to survive now is to battle nature itself.

Download :

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Mulan (2009) DVDRip XviD - AC3

Mulan (2009) DVDRip XviD - AC3
DVDRip | XviD @ 720x304 1443 Kbps | AC3 448K 48000 Hz | 01:49:24 | 1.45 GB
Language : Mandarin | Subtitles: English
Genre: Adventure | Drama | Romance
The epic story of the Chinese girl-warrior, Mulan, who fights to defend her father.

RELEASE DATE....: 02/15/2010
THEATRE DATE....: 2009
iMDB URL........:
iMDB RATiNG.....: 6.3/10 485 votes
GENRE...........: Adventure, Drama, Romance
SOURCE TYPE.....: Blu-ray AVC 1080P
ViDEO BiTRATE...: x264 L4.1 High @ 6042 Kbps
FRAME RATE......: 24.000 fps
AUDiO 1.........: Mandarin DTS-HDMA core 5.1CH 1509Kbps
AUDiO 2.........: Cantonese AC3 5.1CH 640kbps
RUNTiME.........: 1:54:09 (h:m:s)
ASPECT RATiO....: 2.353 : 1
RESOLUTiON......: 1280 X 544
SUBTiTLES.......: N/A
FilE SiZE.......: 6.53G

DVDRip XviD - AC3


20th Century Boys: Chapter Two - The Last Hope (2009)
5177 kbps
Japanse DTS 1509 kbps
Subs English

Hachiko monogatari (1987)

PRESENTS: Hachikô monogatari (1987)

The true story about a dog's loyalty to its master, even after his death.

User Reviews:
One of the most emotional, sad, touching and well written films I have
ever Seen. Hachiko Monogatari is the greatest Dog movie ever made.


General Information:

RUNTIME........: 01h:47m:46s
SIZE...........: 1.80 Gb
VIDEO CODEC....: x264 (L4.1)
RESOLUTION.....: 960x548 (16:9)
BITRATE........: 2010 Kbps
FRAMERATE......: 23.976 fps
AUDIO..........: Japanese AC3 2.0 384 Kbps (From DVD R2)
SUBTITLES......: English & Indonesia (softsub)
SOURCE.........: HDTV
GENRE..........: Drama | Family
RATING.........: 8.2/10 342 votes
IMDB link......:


RELEASE DATE...: 17.03.2010


Power Kids 2009 dvdrip 300mb

Wut, Kat, Pong, Woon and Jib are five kids who have grown up in a martial art school. Jib urgently needs to a heart transplant but the hospital is being occupied by ruthless terrorists so the children join forces to protect their friend and the country to fight for victory.

Release Date : 2010/07/01
Video Bitrate............. : X2646667K
Audio Bitrate ........... : DTS 1536K
Frame Rate : 23.976 Fps
Resolution : 1280x720
Running Time :76Mins
Language......... Thai

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K20 Legend Of The Mask

A mysterious criminal K-20 (that's short for 'Kaijin Niju-Menso' - the Phantom Thief with 20 faces) with the power to change his appearance steals art and antiques from the rich with incredible ways like magician. Planing to commit a new theft K-20 tricks the police into thinking a circus acrobat named Heikichi Endo (Takeshi Kaneshiro) is the real criminal. Heikichi gets mistaken for K-20 and arrested. Realizing he's been set up, Heikichi manages to escape, but there's only one way to attest the innocence - capture the real K-20. Hekichi decides to fight against K-20 with young lady Yoko Hashiba, who is a next target of K-20, and her fiance and a detective, Kogoro Akech

26 Year Diary (JMovie)

Main Cast
Lee Tae-sung as Lee Su-Hyun
Naoto Takenaka as Ichima Hirata
Junko Hamaguchi as Rumiko Okamoto
Hideko Hara as Shie Hoshino

Year Released: 2007(Jap),2008(Kor)
Director: Hanad? Junji
Duration: 130 Minute

Synopsis: Having just completed his military service, Lee Su-yon is at a crossroads in life. He decides he wants to pursue his studies in Japan, a country whose culture intrigues him and also the country where his father, who he greatly reveres, spent a short period of his childhood. When he arrives in Japan, he’s enthralled by the lively street culture, but he soon becomes involved with Yuri, an upcoming singer with her own challenges to deal with.

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